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Disney never surprises us in the creation of a good animated series. In 2002, Walt Disney Feature Animation and Walt Disney Pictures released an animated science fiction humor-based movie named Lilo and Stitch. Chris Sanders is the writer while Dean DeBlois is the director of the film. The film was their career debut too. The film has the title of the nominee for the 75th Academy Awards. In some of the lilo and stitch quotes about love.

lilo and stitch quotes about friendship and lilo and stitch quotes family, we found some major Disney features which are prominent in their films. You might have seen the stitch characters quite famous in children and due to this developers also earn by incorporating stitch into some marketing programs. After its launch, the movie was a huge success and its non-traditional storyline also provided diversity in the creation of the animated series.

Lilo and Stitch Quotes 2023

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Famous Quotes

The two main characters of the movie are Lilo, whose full name is Lilo Peekai, and Stitch. The girl resided in Hawaii and is raised by her elder daughter, who is the other main character of the story named Nani. in the first series, Lilo is depicted as a copy of her mother having similar physical characteristics while later copies reveal that in her adult age she resembles more with her sister, Nani.

Se is designed as a pretty, Huwaain girl with black sleek long hair wearing the national dress of Hawaii often with sandals. Her mischievous nature is quite adorable in the movie. And you will love her character due to the slight comedy in her dialogue. Lilo is depicted as a shy girl. Here are some sad lilo and stitch quotes from the movie.

  1. Don’t worry she likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary.

  2. I like you better as a sister than a mom.

Nani Quotes

Nani is the older daughter of the Pelekai family. After the death of their parents, she became the legal guardian of her younger sister Lilo. she appears as nineteen years old girl with great wisdom and a sense of responsibility. Due to responsibilities at an early stage, she often remains busy and finds less time for recreation and fun.

She eventually married David and later on have kids too. Her character is so adorable and you will find some of the wisest words uttered by her in the movie. Some of the David lilo and stitch quotes also depict their relationship, affection, and wisdom of Nani. David Kawena is a 23 years old boy who is another supporting character in the film and is his boyfriend of Nani.

He has a friendly nature and is depicted as one of those human characters who know about the existence of aliens and the experimentation done on them.

  1. Sometimes you try your hardest. But things won’t work out the way you want them Somethings have to be changed and sometimes they are for the better.

  2. You are such a pain.

Funny Quotes

As both the characters are mischievous, their adventurous life has many comic turns leaving a funny impression on the viewers. You will find many funny elements in their adventures in Hawaii. As the film is based on the genre of science fiction but related to comedy as well. We have seen many humorous elements in the script of this film.

Later versions and series contradict the original version released in Japan as Lilo was removed from the film and was only present in the imagination of viewers while watching the movie. The series later developed by the developers also provides a complete recreational package to viewers.  Therefore, we have quoted some of the best friend lilo and stitch quotes for your recreation.

  1. You will like it because it’s stinky like you.

  2. Go ahead and you will be happy because it will be smarter than me.

Family Quotes 

Stitch being an engineered character was introduced in the life of Lilo where she taught her about living together, laughing together, sharing things with others, and taking care of each other. So, the theme of family and love for the family members is prominent in the movie. Leaving behind the ideas of rigid family structure, you will some inspirational lilo and stitch quotes in the movie that are quite wholesome. Stitch learns how to live in a family and how to adapt to a family-friendly environment. Ohana is the large adopted family circle of Lilo in which stitch’s similar characters were introduced and adopted later.

  1. Ohana means family.

  2. This is my family.

Inspirational Quotes

Due to some of the reasons family broke too. Which is quite sad. Therefore, you will not find any of Lilo’s friends at the beginning of the film. However, she becomes friends with an ally named stitch whom she adopted as a dog. You will find their bond quite adorable. Her only friend in the human world is Victories who possess the same character attributes as her.

Therefore, you will see the element of deep friendship there too. Lilo has the adorable hobby of photography in which she likes to capture obese people at beeches of Hawaii. Therefore, lilo and stitch quotes ohana and lilo and stitch quotes broken family are here for you.

  1. “Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten.”

  2. This Is My Family. I Found It, All On My Own. It’s Little And Broken, But Still Good. Yeah. Still Good.”

About Love

Are you finding the Bleakley lilo and stitch quotes. So here are some of the combined versions of lilo and stitch quotes about friendship, lilo and stitch quote cute and fluffy, and lilo and stitch quote IMDB. At first, stitch being an evil creature only uses Lilo as protection from agents Pleakley and Jumba, but their relationship develops further when he starts living with her and observes the Hawaiin family life. That’s why stitch also saves her from Gantu.

She also loves to think about science and horror fiction characters and loves to talk about them. Talking about Stitich, he is a mischievous character developed artificially by an insane scientist who engineered it basically to destroy the world.

His mission was delayed because of his interaction with Lilo where he encountered the traditional concept of the Hawaii family by Lilo. then he delayed his mission and started his adventures with Lily.

The elements of care, nurture, and affection also dominate the movie. lilo and stitch quote Tumblr also depicts some of the love-based dialogues in the movie. Here are some of them:

  1. I know stitch is the best. I would not trade him for anything or anybody.

  2. Stitch is a royal pain but he is loyal.

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