St Francis of Assisi Quotes [Catholic & Death]

St Francis of Assisi Quotes

He is an Italian mystic. In the Christian, he is the figure of his religion. His father called him a free man. His father called him a free man in honor. He is a healthy and typical man. He wears fine clothes and he is a fine man. He spends money without thinking about anything. He sells clothes in the market due to his father. He is a very kind person. One beggar came to him and asked for help.

At the time he couldn’t help him but when he went away he ran and found the beggar and gave him everything available in his pocket. He also joins the military and is taken as a prisoner and spends one year as a captive. His major shrine is the basilica of San Francisco d’Assisi. The main message of St Francis is that he loves the creation of God. He cares for the poor and sick people. He is a good person. He says that the animals and all other creatures of God have equal rights of care.

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Catholic quotes

He is a loving and caring person. He loves all creation of God. He thought that he is a way of love people. In this hated world, he is the only one who shows love for the people. In his quotes, he says that if any work is done by me through God then anyone did work through god. So the thing is anything can be done by him but then we are the way to do work.

The words are only used when we need to use them.

  1. “I have been all things unholy.

  2. If God can work through me, He can work through anyone.”

Quotes on animals

He also loves and cares for the animals. In his quote, he says that it’s also important to take care of animals. When animals need our help it’s compulsory to help the animals. Every creation of God has equal rights of care. He loves every creation of God. He cares for the people and animals too.

Things become possible when you do them. And you know that the thing you do is impossible.

  1. “God requires that we assist the animals, When they need our help.

  2. Each being (Humans and creatures) have the same Rights of protection.”

Quotes When Necessary Use Words

He says that we work hard and speak the truth only in the favor of work. He is a hard worker and he focuses on his work and always speaks the truth in his way of work. He does his work honestly. It is very important to quote the Christian he uses. He has an inspired and beautiful quote. The words are used when you think that now it is important to use.

Never be a fair of death. Only enjoy your life and leave the fear of death.

  1. “Preach the gospel at all times.

  2. Use word if necessary.”

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Quotes on death

So death and life prove that one day our life will be ended one day. Always enjoy your life without any fear of death. Death is the separation from the loved one and family. Death is the fear of losing your everything but doesn’t be fear of death. One day we all are due but at the time when you are alive don’t be afraid of death and enjoy life.

He says that the marriage is not a success and he only married with poverty.

  1. “Invitation not to live in fear of death or With hatred toward death opens our lives

  2. As it did that of the saint to the joy of the Eternal life.”

Quotes on nature

So if we talk about the quote about nature, in this quote he says that never forget the purpose of life and never forget your density which you want to achieve. The creation of God is so beautiful, like looking at nature. God creates nature for enjoyment. In this world what you get is all Yours but you can’t take it with you when you leave the earth you can only get what you have done with your heart.

In this world, no one is the enemy of the other and no one can harm anyone.

  1. “Ask the beasts and they will teach

  2. You the beauty of this world.”

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Quotes on humility

St Francis says that if you want to know the meaning of humility then you get to know and fix that humility is the first sight of God and no more thing. God has created this world and he creates all the things in this world that are why humility is the sight of God. He says that where humility is present that there is no anger.

The quote is that if you are doing something quietly and then you can move without noticing anything.

  1. “Here is one of the best means to

  2. Acquire the humility; fix well in the mind max:

  3. One is as much as he is in the sight of God, and no more.”

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