100+ Snatch Quotes [From Guy Ritchie]

We have compiled a list of the best Snatch Quotes to read and enjoy. Snatch’s sayings are about Brick Top, Caravan & other famous ones. Famous quotes like bullet dodger, Where to Watch, and you stop me.

You can read all of the things Snatch is known for in these quotes below:

Snatch Quotes 2023

Some of the famous quotes include

  1. Why do they call him the bullet dodger

  2. Right now that’s the last thing on tommy’s mind

  3. You stop me when i’m walking again

Snatch Story

Snatch is a 2000 British American crime comedy film directed and written by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham as a small-time boxer and unlicensed boxer organizer named Turkish. Turkish and his partner, Tommy (Stephen Graham), get involved in a big-money boxing match with local gangster Brick Top (Alan Ford).

In the background, a band of amateur thieves, led by Frankie (Benicio Del Toro), are planning to steal a huge diamond from the Belgian city of Antwerp. However, when Frankie is seduced into stealing another diamond along with the original one, the plot thickens.

More Snatch Quotes

Our suggestions are as follows:

Brick Top Quotes

  • You’re always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece. Apparently the best thing to do is cut up a corpse into six pieces and pile it all together.

  • Do you know what “nemesis” means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible c*nt… me.

Famous Quotes

  • You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

  • In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary… come again.

Movie Quotes

  • No thank you, Turkish; I’m sweet enough.

  • I’m gettin’ heartburn. Tony, do something terrible.

Caravan Quotes

  • I thought you said he was a getaway driver. What the f*** can he get away from?

  • These are your last words, so make them a prayer.

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