200+ Sigma Male Quotes [Motivational & Funny]

To understand the term Sigma male, one must, first, understand what an alpha male is. This term is originated from the manhood mythology which popularly believed that a group of human males is like a pack of wolves. Which is led by a single most aggressive, and strongest leader, Alpha. 

Now the funny thing is that human societies do not operate this way, and neither do the wolves. The correction has caused another term to emerge, the Sigma male. They essentially indicate the same position of males standing at the top of this so-called hierarchy. These are the quieter and less boisterous versions of the alpha males.

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Alpha Male Quotes

Alpha males are defined as the epitome of success in every wake of life. They are the most successful men with tremendous abilities to be the leader of the pack. It is a classic example of the past not so long ago in a society that was way more patriarchial than it is today. Here are some quotes describing the immense power and swag that comes with the impression of being an Alpha male.

  1. “Alpha males don’t worry about what others are doing.” 

  2. “Civilize the mind but make savage the body.”

Inspirational Quotes

The term sigma male can be considered as the modern adaptable version of the Alpha male. The sigma male is rather an introvert, he is more correctly be considered as a lone wolf instead of being the leader of the wolf pack. He is more likely to be considered a rebel with very little care, if any, for the societal norms.

  1. He is a true guy, in that he protects his queen, and authorises her extravagances.

  2. In my lifetime, I plan to make sure I am around to enjoy the benefits of all that has gone before me.

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Funny Quotes

Unlike the Alpha male, he is quiet and not interested in showing his power and attitude in public. This does not mean he is shy or somehow submissive, on the contrary, he can be very powerful and dominating if need be but he chooses solitude and liberation from any kind of hierarchical baggage. His silence exudes control that others couldn’t command with loud voices.

Sigma males are the kind who are tremendously independent and successful. Ladies are drawn toward them and men look up to them. This doesn’t mean they have to be serious all the time, they just seem to be following their own wherever they are. Here are some funny yet very influential quotes about sigma males. Everything is better with a hint of humor in it.

  1. I’m the quiet type of guy that will surprise you when they decide to talk.

  2. The world needs beastly creatures.

Instagram Quotes

What better place to share your quotes on a platform dedicated mainly to people and lifestyles. Being Sigma male is a lifestyle choice that affects the personality of the person and others living around him. Whether you want to caption a photo or a video, or you are looking for a  nice one-liner for your bio to make it more philosophical and impressive.

If you are in search of a perfect sigma male quote for your Instagram, you’ll find something from the quotes listed below.

  1. Bro codes last ₣orever.

  2. There’s no other guy!

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Lone Wolf Quotes

A sigma male is also called a lone wolf. He is a man indifferent to what other people think, live by his own rules, and is most happy when in solitude ideally in the wilderness of nature. There is a certain type of attraction that surrounds these lone wolves that ignites even more curious about these mysterious individuals.

  1. There are just as many thoughts in the world as there are people.

  2. A Man does not list his achievements; they speak for himself.

Grindset Quotes

Grinds is a mindset that is mainly attributed to only sigma males. It is a state of mind that allows you to overcome your fears and allows you to outperform your tasks. What is deemed impossible by others, does not seem impossible now, and you strive to the best best of your abilities? This helps you achieve the greatness that everyone dreams of but only a few could achieve.

  1. I’m the quiet type of guy that will surprise you when they decide to talk.

  2. The world needs beastly creatures.

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Looking for quotes that will leave a long-lasting effect on your life? Life seems stuck at the moment and you are looking for wisdom to lift your spirits? Life can be really tough at times and a dose of wisdom and courage can do a lot to give you a boost in morale. The quotes about sigma males have some of the best life lessons in them.


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