200+ Shadowrun Quotes & Sayings 2023

Shadowrun is considered unanimously as one of the classic video games of its time, this game has touched the players in more than one way. From its realistic graphics to the strong personas of the characters. The character Shadowrun is still having a strong impact on people.

Below you can find some of the best quotes from the game. Read on and enjoy!

Shadowrun Quotes 2023

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Hong Kong Quotes

Shadowrun Hong Kong is very famous. Initially, when you start playing the game you won’t have a great impression of Shadowrun. You are sure to enjoy it once you start playing it. The biggest reason for not thinking it worthy in the first place is because the characters are not explained properly or you can say three characters see explained at one time. Which creates a lot of chaos and mess.

But once you get to know about every character you are going to be a huge fan of this game. For more knowledge, you can read quotes as they are very beneficial. It makes you an organized person. Through reading sayings you not only read the content but you also experience it.

When you start reading some famous author quotes you consider yourself in that person’s place. You can easily get exposed to millions of new words and vocabulary.

  1. “The natural processes of evolution and sexual selection guide the development of our species through trial and error. Throw a few billion darts at the wall and see what sticks. In the future that I foresee, this process will be reined in.”

  2. “They do what’s easy. Throw money at the problem. Amateurs. For a quarter of the price of that wiz new cyberdeck, I can have five of last year’s models.”

Harlequin Quotes 

Harlequin is among one of the most-watched characters in the game. He believes that within 2500 years there will be superpowers that will merge magic and technology together and the world will enter into a new sixth world. Chaos is the essence of his character in the game. By reading his quotes you are going to understand his thoughts and ideas.

For instance, if you are having a creative writing competition and these Shadowrun Harlequin Quotations in your test you are going to rock. You will be less stressed and more healthy. Developing one healthy habit can make your lifestyle 100 times better. You can be more positive and start taking decisions wisely. Due to a lot of screen time, people don’t sleep on time. So for them, I suggest you indulge yourself in some productive activity to learn new things.

  1. “If you get caught up in your own head, agonizing over past mistake. Well, don’t be surprised if you wind up dead. A kitchen fire can take you down as easily as a cop’s bullet if you stand around and let it.”

  2. “One does not defeat the enemy solely by the strength of arms. One must turn one’s own weaknesses into strengths. It is an old and valuable lesson, too often forgotten.”

Dialogues Quotes

Famous dialogue quotes of Shadowrun are mentioned in this article. People who play this game are going to be very much familiar with the famous characters and their dialogues.

By reading quotes you are automatically going to improve your learning skills and it will improve your vocabulary as well. It not only maintains your focus it also improves your concentration. For instance, if you read some be patient enough to understand it.

In case you are unable to understand some words try searching out their meaning to have a better understanding of the quotes. It also helps you fight depression and various stressful situations. Even if you are reading these in isolation you won’t think of having a friend anymore. Quotes are going to help you in every way possible.

  1. “The first answer that you come up with is almost always the best one you’re gonna have, so just roll with it. Don’t second-guess yourself, don’t hesitate, just act. You’ll live longer that way.”

  2. “It’s like Raymond used to say, ‘Trust and verify.’ They haven’t given me a reason not to trust them, so until they do, I’ll believe what they say and keep my eyes open.”

Characters Quotes

As in the game you have seen multiple characters and are familiar with this game. In the game, there are a few topmost characters that are adored by a huge audience. Humans are one of the biggest characters in the Shadowrun game.

As in the game, the population of the earth is only because of humans or you can say Homo sapiens.

Later all these human characters are further categorized in the game depending upon their skin, nationality, strength, and capabilities. Elves are one of the other most important characters in Shadowrun’s game. This character was very famous in 2011.

  1. “I digress. The point I was making was that the forces that shaped you — and me, and anyone else you care to mention — were ultimately mindless ones. Blind, manipulative biological drives that led a sperm and an egg to collide. Add in a roll of the dice and a dash of Mendelian genetics and here you are.”

  2. “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. If that is also your duty, it is worth doing perfectly.”

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These characters were half-humans and other body features were similar to animals. Both humans and elves were the top characteristics. As they were very famous they started with a few quotes for their audience.

ere I have jotted down a few Shadowrun Quotes for your ease. Reading these sayings keeps your mental well-being healthy. By reading these you can easily connect with other people. For instance, if you are reading from Shadowrun you are going to understand his point of view and perspective on various things.

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