200+ Savage Diss Quotes [For Him & Her]

The word ‘SAVAGE’ means brutal, cruel, vicious, etc. The slang ‘DISS’ means disrespectful in the sense of disrespect, abuse, or insulting someone by some means.  Savage diss quotes are said to someone you hate the most or don’t like for some purpose. They can either be your enemies, some sort of competitors, or anybody.

Some famous artists from all around the world have published diss tracks to verbally attack their haters and opponents. Such examples of these artists are Eminem, NAS, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, and many more. These quotes are signs of anger or hate from someone saying it and are embarrassing for one’s. Review this blog and consider these best badass savage quotes that are highly demanded.

Savage Diss Quotes

Our suggestions are as follows:

Quotes for Idiots

  • I have no time for your negative bullshit

  • I wish I spoke IDIOT. So, I could tell you in your own Language

The quotes said to some nerd or idiot person to make fun of him in front of people are savage quotes for idiots. The person saying these quotes also make him or her famous in their friend circle and no one tries to piss them or them off.

One can be savage by not being afraid of anyone and doing what you think is best for you. Don’t think about what other people say, just live your life in your way. These are some of the savage quotes for idiots that are often used.

Dissing Quotes

  • My battery lasts longer than your relationship.

  • I will slap you so hard even google won’t be able to find you

If you were in search of diss quotes for him then you arrived at the best place.

A Diss quote or diss track is a long poem or song in which some boy or girl disrespects a person by abusing or dirty talk. It mostly happens and is famous in high schools nowadays. As shown in movies and other TV programs. This happens majority with the male because of the bullying nature of boys and because of these fights between boys, they start hating each other.

Insult Quotes For Girls

  • Bitch please, my phone battery last longer than your relationship

  • Hoes want attention, Women wants respect

These are the same as the dissing statements for guys, however, this time they’re directed against females.

This explains why these sayings for women have become so popular. Individuals still use these kinds of dissing remarks as an excuse to abandon or disrespect a female they were dating. A “diss” is a vocal assault against a musician or other person in the music industry.

Slay Savage Quotes

  • Half Goddess, Half Hell

  • I love my haters, they make me famous

Being a bit brutal with anybody is okay, but try to refrain from being brutal all the time. The best response to your critics is savage.

Becoming brutal together all gives you a ferocious queen that everyone despises. This kind of savagery is reserved for those who despise you and are only envious of you. Therefore, not everyone associated with you should adopt this mindset. A person’s emotions are not overly hurt by savage speech. It addresses the haters directly.

Baddie Quotes

  • It is better to be a lonely LION then a popular SHEEP

  • If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough

The slang for a nasty or difficult individual you would prefer not to deal with is “bad-ass.” It is praise for someone who is more strong and more combative than other individuals of his generation.

Because of their sense of humor and badass savage quotes, badasses can be brutal anywhere at any time, but becoming brutal all the time makes them less respected by their seniors.

What makes a person a badass?

Most people who claim to be badasses lack the qualities of a true badass, which include accountability, fairness, honor, bravery, empathy, humility, confidence, and generosity.

What is diss culture?

For several years now, the diss movement seems to have been popular in Indian hip-hop. Following the feud between Raftaar and Emiway, the majority of the public who watches the Indian rapping industry learned about diss recordings.

What is the expression of hate?

The term “hate speech” refers to statements that are “often understood to comprise statements expressing enmity or dismissiveness of an individual or a community on behalf of a group feature such as ethnicity, religion, or nationality.”

Is dis short for disrespect?

Dis, a slang acronym that stands for disrespect, has a similar meaning.

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