Main Chick vs Side Chick Quotes【2023】

Any girl, a man is seeing without bringing her to a fulfilling relationship, is a side chick. Neither she is his wife nor his girlfriend, but he has a relationship with her. Ever wondered if you are a side chick in a man’s life or not?


Here are your signs to confirm if you are his side chick or not.

  • He will always save your number with a different identity.
  • He will never respond to you on time especially when he is at home or with his family.
  • He gets confused if he bumped into you somewhere.
  • He will never share his personal details such as a home address, office address, etc.
  • He tries to meet you secretly.
  • You have no idea about his family or friends.
  • He only contacts you when it’s feasible for him, not showing up in your hard times.

If these are the basic signs in your relationship with him, you might not be the main course. Proud quotes and savage quotes include some of the relatable stuff.

Main Chick vs Side Chick Quotes 2023

Our suggestions are as follows:

  1. “A happy wife is a happy life”

  2. “I just don’t want to play the same guy again over and over.”

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What to say to a side chick

So, let’s get to the other side of the story. If you are a man and have a side chick, and are confused about both the ladies. You might get help from this. The female lead of your story of life is the main chick, she can be your wife, your girlfriend or your prominent partner. So, what to do in this situation. To keep the balance in the side chick vs main chick situation. You need to focus on how to spice things up. If you are not going to appreciate the side chick, it may ruin the relationship. Here are some side chick love quotes:

  1. “You can’t compete with a woman a man can’t leave alone”

  2. “You know who I am in love with? Read the first word again”

Being a Side Chick Hurts quotes

The most simple words which can state the difference between the main partner and side chick is the main partner either girlfriend or wife is the one who has a prominent distinguished open relationship with the man. While the side chick is the one who captures the man’s consideration after his commitment to another woman. A man never makes a public appearance with the side chick as with his main partner.

He neither introduces her to his family either. So, the significant difference in his attitude towards both the women also helps to distinguish between the side chick and the main chick.

Here are some wife vs side chick quotes.

  1. “Roses are red violets are blue”

  2. “If he’s always busy then the side chick is you”

Proud Side Chick Quotes

A side chick can gain the full attention of a man if she is really that incredible. It is seen that it’s the man’s interest that counts in such situations. So, by gaining the man’s complete attention one can make herself the main woman of his life. Being a side chick hurts quotes are relatable in the situations in which one fails in an attempt to be the main chick.

  1. “Whatever you need, I will be”

  2. “Knowing you’ll be in all my tomorrow makes my today so wonderful!”


To be the best side chick don’t be so clingy, dress well, make yourself attractive and impressive, be interesting and adventurous, don’t be outrageous, know your worth, don’t express the jealousy factor, don’t over the dream, and do not become overprotective about him.


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