100+ Last Samurai Quotes [Life, Cherry blossom & No Mind]

We have compiled a list of the best Last Samurai Quotes for you to read and enjoy. The last Samurai sayings are about Cherry blossom, no mind & Life. Famous quotes like until his destiny is revealed, comfort in the emptiness is very famous.

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Last Samurai Quotes 2023

Some of his famous quotes include

  1. “Katsumoto: You believe a man can change his destiny? Nathan Algren: I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.”

  2. “Katsumoto: I will die by the sword. My own, or my enemy’s. Nathan Algren: Then let it be your enemy’s.”

  3. “I like to think he may have at last found some small measure of peace, that we all seek, and few of us ever find.”

Last Samurai Stoy

The Last Samurai is a historical drama that takes place at the end of the 19th century in Japan. Tom Cruise plays the role of Nathan Algren. Algren is an American soldier who is sent to Japan to train the Japanese Army in the art of modern warfare. He is a war veteran who is disillusioned and feels guilty about his actions during the war. He is sent to Japan on a mission to take down the samurai rebellion leader Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe).

Katsumoto captures Algren and takes him to their village where he teaches him martial arts. Algren learns the traditions, honor, and loyalty of the samurai people. He also learns the history and philosophy of the samurai people and how they struggle to maintain their way of life in a world of modernization.

More Last Samurai Quotes

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Cherry blossom quotes

  • “What does it mean to be Samurai? To devote yourself utterly to a set of moral principles. To seek a stillness of your mind. And to master the way of the sword.”

  • “There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea, no past, no future.”

Life Quotes

  • “We must resist the Western powers by becoming powerful ourselves. Our army and our economy must be strong.”

  • “Japan was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honor.”

No mind quotes

  • “The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.”

  • “I am surprised to learn that the word Samurai means, ‘to serve’, and that Katsumoto believes his rebellion to be in the service of the Emperor.”

Famous quotes

  • “For 500 bucks a month I’ll kill whoever you want. But keep one thing in mind: I’d happily kill you for free.”

  • “There is life in every breath…”

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