100+ Kingdom Hearts Quotes & Sayings [Kairi & Sora]

Kingdom Hearts Quotes

Kingdom hearts quote Reddit helps you get to know about Kingdom Hearts. Developer and publisher Square Enix developed the famous action role-playing game Kingdom hearts. The game was published with the collaboration of Square Enix and Walt Disney with the incorporation of Disney characters.

Tetsuya Nomura was hired as the game director for this project and was an employee at Square Enix. The game starts with the unity of previous Disney characters and the fictional characters developed by Square Enix’s programmers. The game consists of various series.

Kingdom Hearts Quotes 2023

Our suggestions are as follows:

  1. I know without a doubt, This kingdom’s heart is light.

  2. A real leader knows that destiny is beyond his control and accepts that.

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Sora Quotes

Each series has a main character named Sora. Sora is the hero of the game. And is developed by the game director. This cheerful youth is fun and resides in the Disney Islands with his friends named Riku and Kairi. All are childhood friends.

The story starts with the start of the journey of these friends on the world tour. On the world tour, they get separated by some calamity named Heartless. The Keyblade is a special weapon designed for Sora. With the progress in the game, Disney characters are introduced which adds more fun to the game.

  1. My friends are my power.

  2. We are back!

Donald Duck & Goofy Quotes

Those Disney characters are Donald Duck and goofy. They are accompanied by their emperor named Mickey Mouse. They, along with Sora help him to search for his friends. Sora became popular in no time and became the most attention gained fictional character by the viewers.

You will be surprised to know that it is considered the most requested fictional character to be represented in Super Smash Bros Ultimate of Nintendo’s group. Best kingdom heart quotes which represent sora kingdom hearts quotes are listed here.

  1. “It doesn’t matter what you wear. …

  2. “Thank you very much, dear somebody.”

Roxas Quotes

Roxas first appeared in the 2004 edition of Kingdom Hearts. The name originally means nobody and became their companion of Sora after his heartbreak in the first game. The title of Roxas is Key of Destiny. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, he was a leading hero.

Voice over of Roxas in Japanese was done by Koki Uchiyama and in the English version, Jesse McCartney did that. Other axel kingdom hearts quotes and funny quotes are listed here.

  1. I said I could have done this blindfolded.

  2. It’s really salty but sweet too.

Kairi Quotes

In the female leads of the game, the name of Kairi is prominent. In the series of the game, the character is not playable. You will be able to play it once you have access to Kingdom Hearts III. She was brought to Destiny Islands after the experimentation done by Xehanort at the Radiant Garden at Homeword. She has the special ability of protective charm which is given by Aqua at the stage of arrival at the islands.

The protective charms can protect her from the darkness. The love triangle between Sora, Ansem, and Kairi is seen in the storyline. Here are some kairi kingdom hearts quotes

  1. Thinking of you wherever you are.

  2. You are the one who keeps messing with my fate.

Mickey Mouse Quotes 

In collaboration with Disney, Kingdom Hearts introduced the character of King Mickey Mouse in the game. There is a castle named, Disney Castle, in the Kingdom Hearts where Mickey Mouse resides. He was trained by Keyblade Master Yen Sid at Timeless River. His rank is Your Majesty Mickey. We have found some goofy quotes and mickey mouse quotes for you.

  1. Now Sora! Let’s close this door for good.

  2. Don’t worry there will always be a door for light.

Riku Quotes

Developers describe Riku as a Japanese word meaning land. The fictional character appeared in the game version of 2002, where it got immense popularity. You might also like it because of its attractive features. He is also eager to travel the world with his friends. On his journey in the game, he meets an imaginary fairy named Maleficent whose mission was to make him the villain of the game against Sora. Heartless possesses this character too.

And make him like an Ansem. In the end, he, fortunately, becomes a hero due to the hard work of Sora, the protagonist. But unfortunately, on his way to free himself from the spell of Ansem, he moves far away and gets separated from his friend due to guilt. You will hear the voiceover of Mamoru Miyano and Eiji Shima if you select Japanese, and in the case of English, the voiceover of David Gallagher and Ty Panitz will be founded over the Riku’s character. The media and the public appreciated his character development. Here are some of his quotes”

  1. Don’t say you are already giving up.

  2. The worlds I won’t let you have them.

Aqua Quotes

Aqua was not present in earlier versions of Kingdom Hearts. It was introduced in the 2010 version of the game and listed as a protagonist in addition to Sora. The version is named Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. She is friends with Terra and Ventus and was trained by Master Eraquas. She was titled Unversed because of her mission of obtaining a Keyblade master. In the Birth of Sleep version, we see, she is the only protagonist of the game.

The character did not gain much fame because of the uninteresting storyline and no previous entangling creation history. The character was redesigned in the 2.0 version of the game where it received positive feedback because of her strong character development and skills. aqua sad quotes are listed here:

  1. Ven you hopeless sleepy head.

  2. An unbreakable connection.


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