25 Best Hitch Movie Quotes [RANKED]

We have compiled a list of the best Hitch Quotes for you to read and enjoy. Hitch Quotes sayings are about Funny, Love, and Original Quotes. Famous quotes like I don’t get swept off, Just give it time are very famous.

You can read all of the things Hitch Quotes is known for these quotes below:

 Hitch Quotes 2023

Some of the most famous quotes include

  1. “Begin each day as if it were on purpose.”

  2. “You look a lot like my next girlfriend.”

  3. “Basic principles: no matter what, no matter when, no matter who… any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom.”

Hitch Quotes Story

Hitch is a romantic comedy about Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, who works as a dating consultant to help men find love. The movie has a mix of humor, romance, and a bit of self-discovery as Hitch tries to navigate his love life while also helping others in the process.

Will Smith plays Hitch, a handsome and charming “date doctor” who trains his clients in the art of courting women. He gives them tips on how to look and talk to women, dating etiquette, and confidence-building techniques. He aims to help them make a real connection with someone.

At the beginning of the movie, Hitch falls in love with Sara Melas. Eva Mendes plays Sara, a self-possessed gossip columnist who has been investigating Hitch’s profession. Their first disagreement and Sara’s doubts about Hitch’s honesty lead to a romantic flame between the two of them.

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Our suggestions are as follows:

About love

  • “No woman wakes up saying, ‘God, I hope I don’t get swept off my feet today!”

  • “A woman who doesn’t want to kiss takes her keys out, puts them in the door, goes in the house. A woman that wants to kiss, she fiddles.”

Original Quotes

  • “If he’s stupid enough to cheat, the world should know he’s dumb enough to get caught.”

  • “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.”

Funny quotes

  • “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.”

  • “I saw that going differently in my mind.”

Pick up line Quotes

  • “Basic principals. There are none.”

  • “Just give it time.”

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