25 Best HeavyWeights Quotes (1995) [RANKED]

We have compiled a list of the best Heavy Weights Quotes for you to read and enjoy. Heavy Weights sayings are about Icarus, Goldberg & Weight lift. His famous quotes like Don’t be alarmed, don’t lean your head are very famous.

You can read all of the things Heavy Weights is known for in his quotes below:

Heavy Weights Quotes 2023

Some of his most famous quotes include

  1. “Attention campers. Lunch has been canceled due to a lack of hustle. Deal with it.”

  2. “One word of advice, never let anyone sign your checks!”

  3. Attention campers the topic for tonight’s discussion is, “Liposuction: Option or Obsession”.

Heavy Weights Story

A young boy named Alex lived in a peaceful suburban neighborhood. He was always interested in the house across the street, where a new family had recently moved. Little did he know that his life would soon change when he met Emily, the girl next door. Emily was a bubbly, fun-loving girl with a big smile. From the first moment they met, Alex and Emily fell in love. They were inseparable, spending hours together exploring the neighborhood, keeping secrets, and going on wild adventures.

Over the years, Alex and Emily grew closer as their friendship deepened. Alex fell in love with Emily and she was with him. They supported each other through the highs and lows of teenage life, dealing with personal issues, family problems, and the challenges of high school. Their relationship wasn’t always easy. Alex faced resistance from his friends, even from his doubts, and he was afraid of losing the friendship he had grown so fond of. But the depth of their love and the strength of their relationship helped them overcome these obstacles.

More Heavy Weights Quotes

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Icarus quote

  • “Kids, at age 12, I weighed 319 pounds. I had bad skin, low self-esteem, and no self-respect. Now, I eat success for breakfast, with skim milk.”

  • “Now, I must inform you; I have a severely deviated septum. When I sleep I make a very disturbing sound… Don’t be alarmed, I am fine. Now! Go to sleep…”

Goldberg heavyweights

  • “Being an only child, educated entirely by private tutors my whole life, I’m looking forward to interacting with children for the first time.”

  • “You have one of those fish-and-chip farts there, Nicky?”

Weight lift quotes

  • “You Americans have no sense of history.”

  • “Hey, Sam don’t lean your head out the window. We lost a couple of kids like that last summer. I’m not going to go back and pick it up again.”

Gym quotes

  • Dear Grandma… someone once said, “War is hell”. They’ve never been to a fat camp. I knew the food would be bad…

  • “Do it to it, Lars!”

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