25 Best Dorothy Zbornak Quotes [Funniest RANKED]

We have compiled a list of the best Dorothy Zbornak Quotes to read and enjoy. Dorothy Zbornak’s sayings are about Friendship and Love. Her famous quotes like Pray for brains, You try and I’ll have you are very famous.

You can read all of the things Dorothy Zbornak is known for in her quotes below:

Dorothy Zbornak Quotes 2023

Some of her most famous quotes include

  1. “Oh, it is wonderful dating in Miami. All the single men under 80 are cocaine smugglers.”

  2. “They were all buying T-shirts, you know, the ones that say, ‘Today is the first day of the end of your life.’”

  3. “Dorothy: You know, Ma, you don’t look good.Sophia: I’m short and I’m old. What are you expecting

Dorothy Zbornak Bio

Dorothy is a character from the American sitcom “The Golden Girls”. She is played by Bea Arthur and is best known for her wit, no-nonsense attitude, and dry humor. Her bio reads, “Dorothy was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. She was raised in a family of strong values and sharp intellect. As a result of her upbringing, she eventually became a schoolteacher and devoted herself to teaching students.”

She is characterized by her intelligence, self-assurance, and no-nonsense attitude. She stands out from the crowd with her deep voice and tall stature. Her quick wit and sarcastic remarks are often humorous and bring smiles to the faces of friends and viewers. Her most important relationships are those of her roommates and closest friends, Blanche Devereaux, Rose Nylund, and Sophia Petrillo. Together, they make up the core of “the Golden Girls” and go on many adventures.

More Dorothy Zbornak Quotes

Our suggestions are as follows:

About friendship

  • “Go to sleep, sweetheart. Pray for brains.”

  • “Rose, honey… have you been washing the fruit off before you eat it?”

Funny quotes

  • “Go hug a landmine!” — Dorothy

  • “I could vomit just looking at you!” — Dorothy

Famous quotes

  • “They were all buying T-shirts, you know, the ones that say, ‘Today is the first day of the end of your life.’”

  • “She’s a very sweet woman. She just doesn’t like to show it.”

Quotes on love

  •  “You try and I’ll have you on your back so fast you’ll think you’re out on a date.”

  • “Ha! Would you look at that: man’s best friend, chasing man’s best friend!”

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