25 Best Devilman Crybaby Quotes [RANKED]

We have compiled a list of the best Devilman Crybaby Quotes for you to read and enjoy. Devilman Crybaby’s sayings are about Love, Akira & ending. Famous quotes like You’re a devil man, deal with a devil are very famous.

You can read all of the things Devilman Crybaby is known for these quotes below:

Devilman Crybaby Quotes 2023

Some of the most famous quotes include

  1. I promise I’ll come back.

  2. Even bloodstained, you are still beautiful, Sirene.

  3. Taro, you are no longer my son. This is for your own good.

Devilman Crybaby Story

Akira Fudo lives a normal high school life until his childhood friend Ryo Asuka tells him that there are demons in the world and that they are a threat to humanity, and the only way to fight them is to join forces with a demon and get their powers and become a Devilman.

Akira reluctantly joins forces with the demon Amon and is transformed into a Devilman, which gives him super strength and agility while keeping his humanity intact. As he explores the world of demons, he meets a variety of demons with tragic stories and motivations, some of which are misunderstood creatures, and some of which are driven by pure evil.

More Devilman Crybaby Quotes

Our suggestions are as follows:

Ending quotes

  • Well, you are the anchor after all.

  •  I was lonely, Amon. I waited so long for you to come to the human realm.

Love quotes

  • When Amon meets me, he will get his old heart back. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just kill him. I’ll devour him.

  • Even bloodstained, you are still beautiful, Sirene.

Akira quotes

  • You’re not a demon, you’re not a human either. You’re a devilman, and so I will save you.

  • I am not going to make a deal with a devil like you.

Ryo quotes

  • Why are you crying? You knew it was gonna die. The weaklings die.

  • Even the strongest or the fastest is no match for the vast majority of the animal kingdom. Weapons and vehicles are what bring out the best in human beings.

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