100+ Dabi Quotes in 2023 [Life, Funny & Sad]

Have you ever wondered who Dabi is? Dabi’s original name Toya Todoroki is the villain of the anime series ‘My Hero Academia Manga’. Pro Hero’s eldest son Dabi has some insane and disobedient actions. His actions include faking his death and coming back as a villain in return.

Becoming a member of the League of Villains, he plays a crucial part in the Forest Training Camp Arc and Paranormal Liberation War Arc as the leader of the group.

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Sad quotes 

There is no doubt that this anime is one of the most-watched. In this, you will see the struggle of Dabi and why he was sad throughout his life. He got into an accident when he was small and because of that, he had purple scars on his body.

One day figured out that his body is a fire-type quirk and later he burned himself. To cure the scars he has stapled skin all over his face to keep it intact. In this article, I have mentioned a few sad quotes from Dabi.

  1. “I’m uneasy about this”

  2. “Those empty heroes will be pulled off their pedestals”

Quotes in Japanese 

Dabi is a Japanese animated series. Dabi is a strong Japanese character. His whole life was a mess. He was very conscious because of his burnt skin. A lot of times he tried to commit suicide but being the oldest son he always stopped him from this decision.

Throughout the journey, he was in pain. He had powers that even if he touched a tree it would burn to a crisp.

  1. “To be an overachiever, you have to be an over-believer”

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Swinney Quotes 

Swinney is one of the main protagonists of the anime series. A strong character is shown in him. Who with his powers since the hurdles and trouble from a long distance. That is why he is adored by a huge audience. Pather quotes and swinney quotes help us to relate to the personality of Dabi. He has a very bold personality and appealing physical characteristics.

Anyone who enjoys reading quotes is someone who wants to lead a healthy life. When reading quotes is going to become your habit you will find a new change in your lifestyle. Everyone should be well aware of the remarkable power of reading.

  1. “This will just be a signal fire. We will fill those heroes full of holes and put them in their places. All for a brighter future”

  2. You’re so weak, you could not even stop a criminal organisation from abducting your students”

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Hawks incorrect quotes

Hawk was originally trained by his father in context to Dabi hawks quotes. Being an energetic boy, he has some extra superpowers in comparison to the fellow antagonists as per David Goggins’s sayings.

These hawk quotes are also present to help you understand his personality. One of the primary superpowers he possesses is exclusive distant fights, the use of fireballs, the generation of flames, and generating firecrackers.

  1. “It’s better to have small group of experienced elites”

  2. “Well, I guess you are a pro, after all”

Inspirational Quotes 

It is evident from Dabi Todoroki’s quotes that he has participated in many battles and events. He was a man of words. He always used to help everyone in the possible way he can. During your traveling, you won’t get bored.

Simply take out your book of Dabi quotes and you will enjoy your journey and it will keep you motivated throughout. Few inspirational or MHA quotes are listed here:

  1. “ First thing we have to do is take away their sense of peace”

  2. “If you’re trash, at least burn and be kindling for my flames”

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Beware of Dabi’s incorrect quotes, they are messy and misleading. If you ever get through Dabi x reader incorrect sayings, then don’t get fooled by them. Always go for the Davis sayings for the original ones.


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