100+ Charlie Munger Quotes [Investing, Life & Marriage]

Charlie Munger Quotes

One of the wealthiest men in the United States, Charles Thomas Munger is a real estate mogul, investor, and erstwhile real estate litigator. He is Charles Buffett’s right-hand person and deputy chairman of Private Equity, the company owned by Buffett. In his role as Warren Buffett’s “right-hand man,” Munger has helped Berkshire become a multi-billion-dollar holding corporation.

Several of his brightest former friends from his previous business joined him in forming Munger, Tolles in 1962. He and a customer, Jack Rickman, formed Wheeler, Munger & Co. in that year. Charlie Munger serves as Warren Z. Munger also serves as chief executive and chief executive of Everyday Publication Corp., a news article editor, and Costco Wholesale, a reseller.

Charlie Munger Quotes 2023

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  1. “Be a bit smarter than when you woke up each morning. Slowly, but steadily, you’ll rise through the ranks. However, planning for quick bursts of activity helps you develop self-discipline” is one the greatest quotation of Charlie munger.

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Quotes on Marriage

Charlie has said some best quotes ever based on marriage, victory, success, and achievement in life, charlie munger’s quotes on marriage show the importance of marriage from a different point of view. He shares how one’s life can take different turns once you are married and ready to face the challenges.

To begin with, marriage is the beginning of the family, and it is a long-term obligation. As a spiritual and emotional relationship, marriage is far more than the physical bond that it seems to be. According to a Pew Research Centre poll done in the summer of 2019, less than one in five U.S. citizens believe that getting married is necessary for a man or woman to have a successful life.

  1. “A lot of success in life comes from avoiding bad decision and bad marriage”

  2. “You have to marry the best person who will have you”

Quotes on Investing

Since Charlie was an investor he has said some famous quotes on how you should make investments and what strategy should be followed. An investment is an item that is purchased or placed in order to grow prosperity and save cash from hard income or growth.

The primary goal of making an asset is to generate income or make a profit however over a given timeframe.

  1. “The big money is not in the buying or selling, but in the waiting.” …

  2. “Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you wake up.”

Quotes on the key to success

Patience is the ability to maintain a laid-back attitude in the face of long periods of waiting, coping with something painfully slow, or attempting to teach anyone anything but failing miserably. If there’s anything in it for you at the end, you’re more likely to accept and tolerate it. Being patient with oneself is the hardest task of all. Everyone makes errors, and patience with oneself may lead to achievement since no one is flawless. This indicates that no matter what obstacles you encounter, you should continue to work hard to achieve your goals.

  1. “Always take the high road, it’s far less crowded.” Charlie Munger.

  2. “The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

Quotes on Learning

When we learn new things, our minds and eyes are opened to a broader perspective. Developing a habit of lifelong learning allows you to enhance your outlook on things and broaden your worldview as you go about your daily activities, Charlie Munger quotes patience and learning

  1. “The key to success is learning”

  2. “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Quotes on Cryptocurrency 

There are many quotes about Charlie Munger’s on cryptocurrency since he always believed in investing and trading. It’s not the first time that Munger has expressed disdain for cryptocurrency. At Berkshire’s general gathering, he declared, “I deplore the bitcoin achievement.”

The whole dang situation is terrible and against the principles of humanity, he continued, labeling bitcoin a meaningless currency based only on conjecture.

  1. “The whole development is disgusting”

  2. “It’s rat poison”

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You can find a lot of Charlie Munger quotes on Instagram by going through several fan pages and all the motivational pages.

These quotes really inspire a person to achieve something in their life. Every quote of Charlie revolves around a happy life, successful life, and staying humble. Having a life experience in many fields, whatever he has said holds great importance and one can learn a lot from his work and sayings.

  1. “Its like somebody is trading turds and you feel left out”

  2. “When you mix raisins and turds you still get turds”


Along with all these business and investment quotes, he also has a lot to say about how you can live a good life, how life should be spent, making your life easier.

There are a lot of charlie Munger quotes on life, charlie Munger quotes on reading, charlie Munger quotes on success. Being successful is not only the key to leading a happy life but staying happy and having a fresh mind.

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