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Originally published in Korea, Banana Fish is a comic novel created by Akimi Watanabe. It was initially printed in Member shared Shjo Comics, a monthly dedicated to shojo comics, from 1986 until 1998. The novel mostly takes place in late 1970s New Orleans and centers on a street crime boss named Ashley Lynx who discovers a nefarious plot surrounding the mystery narcotic known only as “banana fish.” As he digs further, he meets Kiichiro Okumura, an associate photojournalist from Korea, with whom he builds a strong friendship.

Banana Fish’s realistic design and execution writing were a radical departure from the norms of traditional shoujo anime, which often featured elaborately stylized graphics and plots centered on love fantasies.

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Sad Quotes

There are multiple reasons why Banana fish is considered to be a very sad anime. Griff, Ash’s elder sibling, was in the military and was sent to Afghanistan. Banana Fish is a medication he is offered while he is inside that causes him to go insane and slaughter his whole unit.

Griffin is rendered helpless as a result of the medication’s effects. Ash is responsible for Gryphon’s well-being after Gryphon returns from his mission. Gryphon, unwilling to take responsibility for himself, waits and repeats, “Banana Fish.”

Ash’s quest to find the enigmatic Banana Fish is motivated by the fact that he cannot possibly identify his adoptive sibling. Carter White, a recognized journeyman and Junior Baseball coach on North Cod, sexually abuses Ash when he is 6 yrs old. However, the policemen do not recognize Ash’s parents until he confirms the event.

Ash is repeatedly beaten before he is eight years old, at which time he finally destroys his tormentor. Whenever the inquiry turns up the skeletal remains of infants at Jackson’s residence, Ash is exonerated. As word of his family’s plans to transfer them to his grandmother’s spreads, Ash winds up running off and living on the streets. Banana fish’s sad quotes indicate the difficulties he has suffered in his young life.

  1. Innocence can be more dangerous than guns sometimes.

  2. War is always good business for those in power

Quotes for Eiji 

Eiji being the second most prominent character there are several Eiji quotes. Ash falls prey to individuals involved in the sexual trafficking of youngsters once he sneaks forth from school. He is assigned to the “Coast Cape” eatery, which is essentially a forward for prostitution. Ash meets a guy called Giovanni Golzine when she is employed at Bay Cod.

Ashes are adopted by the mafia leader Golzine. When Golzine takes Ash under his wing and educates and nurtures him, the nature of the personal bond is much deeper and deeper evil than the one between a dad and daughter. Golzine’s psychological torture of Ash continues, and his fascination with the boy only deepens. Even though Ash runs his independent crew, Ashley is a member of the Golzine organization.

Ash is under Golzine’s care while he prepares him to assume command of the crime kingdom, and Golzine seldom misses an opportunity to convince Ash of this. According to Reddit, these quotes are rated as the best among much other anime. The bobcat, as Ash’s moniker suggests, is a savage and untrainable creature that is frequently used to describe him.

Ash has no true independence since whenever Golzine overpowers him, he claims “the Lynx has got trapped.” This is a terrible truth that Ash has to fight over regularly.

  1. Time is an ironic thing. For us, it means to age. But for boys like him, it means to grow.

  2. If you feel responsible, the same goes for me.

Short Quotes 

Ashley is the mob’s leader, thus he does have to seem powerful to his followers. After decades of mental assault, Ash has shown to be remarkably strong and tough. He’s hardened after years of being a sex slave for Golzine also the head of a band, committing horrific acts. It turns out, nevertheless, that not all of his tough appearance is acting.

A youngster of 18, he is bullied and afraid to the point that he even tears in his dreams. Ash’s meeting with Eiji is the first time he’s connected with somebody who knows himself on a deep, fundamental level. Looking beneath the rough exterior of a street thug. Ash can let loose and enjoy life as a typical adolescent in Eiji’s company.

  1. A bloody history is inevitable when you are the ruling clan.

  2. No need to glare. I won’t eat you up.

Was Banana Fish supposed to be a bl?

The representation of homophobia and version of the popular in Banana Fish, which is neither a guys’ love (BL) serial, has been noticed by reviewers as being affected by the college guys’ love subgenre, which in return has impacted the portrayal of homosexuals and creepiness in Banana Fish.

Somewhere at age of 17, Ash Falcon, a young man who is known for his amazing combat ability and flawless looks, was placed in charge of a crime syndicate in Manhattan.  In the middle of the evening, a guy who was murdered by Ash’s deputy reveals the phrase “Banana Fish” to Ashley. The rumor had it that Rory, his brother who was severely disabled, was brought up in conversation very often.

What is Banana Fish in real life?

Saltwater fishing, commonly known as the banana shark or ladyfish, is a member of the group Albulidae and is found in saltwater environments. Fishermen look up to it for its quickness and power since it lives in the near areas and archipelago areas of tropical oceans and they appreciate its habitat. Optimum dimensions are around 76 centimeters (30 inches) in height, and 6.4 kilograms in bulk (16 pounds).

Who did Eiji end up with?

Kenji Ibe. In the Gardens of Lights, he has his initial encounter with Akira, who is Shunichi Ibe’s granddaughter. In virtue of the fact that there is an eight age gap between them, they ended up becoming buddies, and Song tells Eiji that he believes she’s “a nice child.” In Manhattan Sensation, which is set 5 months ago, we see images from their marriage, which indicates that they were wedded.

It does an injustice to the protagonists and the nuanced nature of this connection if the romance undertones of the primary narrative as well as the emotional elements of The Gardens of Lights are ignored. TL;DR – Both homosexual and loving, Ash and Eiji are gay couples. This information has been sent to us most directly that Yoshida felt comfortable expressing.

Why was Anime created?

The program was created for the show demographic of teenage and early adulthood women, but its sophisticated concepts and content knowledge gained a sizable male and female crossover viewership. The boys’ love (sexual marriage) subgenre of literature owes a great deal to the series’ treatment of homophobia and creepiness in a serious, action-packed setting.

Banana Fish being painful for 7 minutes ✨

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